Company History

On October 1st, 2003 Zdeněk Jankových, MD, MBA established in Brno Company Pharmonia s.r.o. The objective was to take advantage of experience gained from working in the Czech Republic, Europe and US and provide services to leading pharmaceutical companies in order to increase their success in the Czech Republic.


Pharmonia first provides the following services: Strategic Marketing Consulting and Outsourcing of Sales Teams and has its first promotional material.

In October first client – affiliate of a leading global pharmaceutical corporation – signs contract with Pharmonia for the provision of marketing consulting services and the company starts to work on its first assignment.

In November Pharmonia presents its new web-site on internet in Czech and English.

In December Pharmonia provides a customized selling skills training to a client who launches a new galenic form of a well-known product.


In February Pharmonia wins in a competition of tenders and signs an important contract for Outsourcing of sales forces with one of the world TOP 5 pharmaceutical corporations.

In March Pharmonia accepts the first employee – assistant - and in April the project starts.

In June Pharmonia widens its portfolio of services with Personnel Consulting. Pharmonia offers consulting and selection of candidates for positions of representatives and managers.

In November Pharmonia extends the services of Training and Coaching.


Pharmonia successfully develops mainly services of Personnel Consulting, Outsourcing sales teams and individuals, and Training.

Pharmonia is also active in the media and in the Pharm Business Magazine wrote a series of articles on pharmaceutical outsourcing teams and individuals - see Article 1, Article 2, Article 3 (only in Czech).


Furthermore Pharmonia significantly expands its service of Personnel Consulting.

Pharmonia publishes other articles from the field in the Pharm Business Magazine:

In May Pharmonia extends its services with new marketing courses and with the service optimcruit® for higher reliance in employee recruitment.

In October Conference "Outsourcing of Sales Representatives in practice" (only in Czech) took place with rich participation of managers from leading companies. Presentations and discussion confirmed the leading position of Pharmonia in regards to quality and service proposal in outsourcing area.


During this year Pharmonia services of Personnel Consulting grow significantly. In the area of Recruitment for pharmaceutical companies Pharmonia becomes a market leader.

In September Pharmonia division Coaching and Training introduces comprehensive education program for representatives, Sales Managers, Product Managers and other employees.


Pharmonia opens first branch office abroad. It is in Bratislava and it begins regular activities in Slovakia! Pharmonia proposes the whole service package in areas of Personnel Consulting, Outsourcing of individuals and teams and Coaching and Training.

In June Pharmonia decided to close its activities in the division Training and Coaching and focuses more on the development of activities, which it sees as more promising...

Pharmonia starts providing services of Assessment & Development Center and Executive Search.

In May we celebrate with our important clients our joint success during the cocktail party with a barman show. Prepare yourself our “Pharmonia cocktail” (only in Czech) in our company colors!

In October Pharmonia celebrates 5th anniversary! One part of the celebration is a performance Tales of Ordinary Madness with Ivan Trojan starring at Dejvické theater. October's grand celebration for clients and staff of Pharmonia in honor of the fifth anniversary of Pharmonia attended by over 130 participants.

In November Pharmonia Prague representation starts regular activities in new offices.

Pharmonia is also setting up new sophisticated CRM system.


In July Pharmonia sends bigger financial amount on charity purposes to a company that brings smile and joy to hospitalized children – o.s. Zdravotní klaun. Thus we support efforts of our clients – pharmaceutical companies – to return health and improve quality of lives.

In August Pharmonia Slovakia grows in area of Personnel Consulting – we deliver new consultancy service Assessment Center to an important client and successfully finish Executive Search project.


The economic crisis continuing since 2008 comes also to the pharmaceutical market and the company Pharmonia. Thanks to the loyalty of clients Pharmonia managed to overcome the crisis. Pharmonia is looking for innovative solutions for its clients and for its development activities.


In July Pharmonia launches new modern interactive website.


Pharmonia launches world-wide innovation for pharmaceutical and other companies – Internet service Pharmixer® – Products And Sales Teams Exchange.


In October Pharmonia celebrates 10th anniversary with its clients and partners at the Theatre Na Fidlovačce. Part of the celebration was theatre play My wonderful divorce (Můj báječný rozvod) with starring Eliška Balzerová. Pharmonia also gave bigger financial ammount on charity purposes to a company that brings smile and joy to hospitalized children – Zdravotni klaun.


In November Pharmonia with its clients visited the exhibition I'm OK of Andy Warhol in Gallery of Art in Prague. The curator guided us through the exhibition.

In October Pharmonia launches a newsletter to its clients.


In October Pharmonia organized within the 12th anniversary of the company for its major clients NLP training. Neurolinguistic programming workshop for HR was led by the most qualified expert in this technique in the Czech - Mr. Martin Bednar.



Despite challenging competitive environment, growing expectations and changing client behavior and generally more complex market environment, which is increasingly influenced also by new technologies, Pharmonia remains the leading company in the field of Recruitment for pharmaceutical companies in the Czech and Slovak.

In August Pharmonia moved the branch office in Bratislava to modern premises.

In September Pharmonia launches upgraded website.


All consultants participate in the international conference "Evolve" in Brno.


In October, Pharmonia celebrates its 15th anniversary with clients in the Ungelt Theater. Tatiana Vilhelmová and Jiří Langmajer will be featured in the stunning  of performance Glass Ceiling.



For the tenth time in a row, Pharmonia provides a gift to the company Zdravotní klaun, o. p. s., which helps to find good mood and mental well-being for sick children and seniors in Bohemia and Moravia.

In November, Pharmonia launches its activities in the new Physicians and Nurses division. In cooperation with its partner in Munich, it helps applicants find suitable employment in Bavaria and Lower Saxony.



Pharmonia again provides a gift to the company Zdravotní klaun, o. P. S.

At a time of impending pandemic, Pharmonia is looking for new ways to successfully overcome this period and emerge from the crisis, strengthened in its existing activities and ready for new growth.