Why choose Pharmonia services?

The main focus of company Pharmonia is the pharmaceutical and health care area. The company has an experienced team of consultants with excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment. The company realizes professional approach to clients and candidates. Pharmonia offers employment positions of pharmaceutical representatives and managers with both major pharmaceutical companies, hospitals or with Pharmonia.

Pharmonia provides the following services:

Pharmonia is a leading company in providing services to pharmaceutical companies in Czech and Slovak Republics. Pharmonia uses a unique blend of its knowledge of local markets and its experience of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the United States. Pharmonia applies in services offered its öriginal and innovative procedures that can ensure quality candidates for open positions.

Pharmonia is also exceptional with its overall company culture with features like dynamism, open communication, motivating working environment and possibility for self-realisation.

Pharmonia s.r.o. is 100% Czech-owned. 

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