About Pharmonia


How was the name Pharmonia actually created?

The idea was born while brainstorming in heaven while walking with friends on the mountain tops of the beautiful Slovak Paradise.

At the beginning, there was the global founder's expertise in the field of pharmaceutical companies and the idea of bringing quality services to clients. The use of synergy, expertise and new quality then reflects the intertwining of the words "pharmaceutical" and "harmony", i. e. Pharmonia.

At the same time, when the company was established, the founder's effort was to provide services in the area of personnel. The second meaning of the name Pharmonia is linked to the interweaving of the words 'personnel' and 'harmony', again Pharmonia.


What is Pharmonia's philosophy?

We care about the satisfaction of all involved - customers, co-workers, society and the owners. We strive to be guided by our values - quality service, innovation, joy, team, holistic view, global approach and healthy financial results. More on Our Philosophy.


What kind of people work at Pharmonia?

We have clear basic processes and maintain a pleasant environment. Everyone in the company has space for individual self-realization and the opportunity to positively influence the operation of the company. We are looking for people who are experts or can become them soon, are interested in being successful and are goal-oriented. And they are nice and team players. Colleagues have a work-life balance. More on People at Pharmonia.


What is the history of Pharmonia?

Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been a pioneer in the new concept of Outsourcing Individuals, later Agency Employment, and also in Recruitment. The main thing was specialization and knowledge of the area. The company grew rapidly and in 2008 became a leader in this segment. The company has been providing services in Brno and Prague since the beginning, and also in Bratislava since 2008. Pharmonia has demonstrated the ability to adapt to market changes while remaining its own character. It regularly supports charity. More on the History of Pharmonia.


How do we approach social responsibility and GDPR?

Since 2009, we have been a regular donor of the Zdravotní klaun, o.p.s. More Social responsibility.

We comply with the rules and relevant standards and laws. Including GDPR. More on GDPR.


What kind of people are we looking for in our company?

We are regularly looking for consultants in the field of Life Sciences. We are also open to accept recruitment experts from other fields who would like to apply their skills as consultants or have the ambition to build their own team. More on Careers at Pharmonia.


Are you interested in our services? Whether you are attracted by a vacancy with our clients or directly with us in the company, be sure to contact us. Just write to info@pharmonia.cz. You can also follow us on social networks, we are on LI and FB.

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