Company Philosophy

Recruitment Agency not only for pharmaceutical companies

Pharmonia Mission

  • To customers: provide solutions of personnel issues
  • To colleagues: give room for self-actualization and fulfilement
  • To society: to be beneficial for people in countries we act
  • To investors: create a good return on investment

Pharmonia Values

  • Performance and quality: we strive for providing service that is of a superior quality compared to competitors
  • Innovation: we search for new and better services
  • Fun: we enjoy what we do
  • Team work: we believe in the strength of a team and the participation of all its members
  • Integrated point of view: we see and solve issues in context
  • Global approach: we keep contact with what is happening world-wide and this impacts our work
  • Profit: we distribute to our colleagues, society and investors

Vision 2021

By the end of 2021, we will successfully overcome the difficult period caused by the pandemic and emerge from it strengthened in the activities we do and be ready for further development.