Assessment & Development Center

Increase sureness of your recruitment! Plan career development of your employees!

Assessment & Development is  a comprehensive method for professional and independent evaluation of candidates both individually and within a group - defines and compares the strengths and weaknesses of participants for a particular position.
Assessment Center (AC) recommends from several candidates the most suitable one for the position.
Development Center (DC) sets an effective development plan for individual employees.

How AC / DC works?

  • Candidates handle various tasks during the AC / DC:

    • Practical tasks
    • Role-play
    • Case studies
    • Psychological testing (psycho diagnostics)

  • Processes and solutions of individual candidates are evaluated and compared by a team of experienced consultants

When is the AC / DC effective to use?

If you want to:

  • Increase sureness of the choice for any position - importance increases with higher demands on the competencies (e.g., managerial or specialists´ positions)
  • Evaluate and compare candidates from internal and external resources
  • Use an independent point of view
  • Identify the characteristic and typical behavior of the AC / DC participants
  • Plan the career development of employees or a team
  • Assess the potential of employees during important changes in the company (mergers, restructuring)

Advantages of AC / DC by Pharmonia

  • Professional testing in model scenarios from the field
  • Special psycho diagnostics on-line
  • Experienced team of consultants with knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry
  • The project preparation based on client´s requirements and specification
  • Feedback to the company management within one week after AC / DC completion
  • Obtaining relevant and impartial information about the selected participants
  • Adherence to the ethical principles


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