Agency Employment

Take advantage of motivated individuals for temporary projects!

Do you need individual representatives, managers or assistants for substitution or other temporary project?
Do you seek capable individuals that have motivation also for definite period?
Do you want to overtake individuals, that convince you with their project results?
Would you benefit from partner that provides quality backing to outsourced employees
Do you prefere to cooperate with a company with a long experience in outsourcing?

Pharmonia offers:

  • screened database of motivated representatives, managers and administrative staff with profiles according to your requests
  • professional assistance during selection (1-3 weeks) of suitable candidates for your project
  • flexibility in project length, in option to overtake staff etc.
  • quality backing with a choice of support according to your needs (car, PC, training etc.)
  • experience since 2004 in outsourcing and agency employment of individuals

How Pharmonia works?

  • we learn about your needs regarding requested profile of candidate or candidates
  • in short time we identify the most suitable motivated candidates for you
  • together we define range of requested support for the future representative
  • we provide professional approach and agreed monitoring during the whole project
  • backing for the projects is provided according to needs by our representation offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava

Pharmonia strives to change thinking and approach of companies towards outsourcing. The service that Pharmonia offers should significantly widen the set of tools and flexibility of customer field force in a quickly changing competitive environment. Pharmonia offers high professionalism, wide range of outsourcing products, significant flexibility and utter focus on the maximizing of customer product sales.

Pharmonia representatives are commonly employees. They are usually provided with business cars (e.g. Opel Astra), which they can use also privately, and with laptops, cellular phones and internet access. In some projects it is also possible to employ freelancers.

When can you use Pharmonia Agency Employment?

For instance when you need current representatives, managers, assistants or other employees but your head-quarters is decreasing your headcount. At the same time you would like to provide to your people long term perspective and posibility to use all current or new tailor-made benefits. In these cases you can use Pharmonia Agency Employment and all its advantages. Pharmonia provides professional approach and reliable communication for the whole duration of the project. You can use also backing of Pharmonia representations in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. Tailor-made solution is matter of fact.


Agency Employment

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