Case Study

Case Study No. 1 - Limited head-count

The pharmaceutical company has a need for a new representative however the head-count was not approved.

Pharmonia was asked about the selection and provide agency employment for representative for 1 year with complete equipment (car, computer, phone).

Requirements for agency employment representative: university degree, pharmabusiness experience, preferably Hospital.

Within 5 working days three candidates were selected for this position and presented to customer. Manager chose the best candidate and she started at the beginning of next month, as an agency employee representative in the region.

The Sales representaive was managed by the Core Team Manager and specific actions for individual appointments for clients were idetified and communicated.

During the project, a regular communication between the Client and Pharmonia was established. After one year the company received approval for a new head-count and the sales rep became a part of the core team. The project was completed and recognized as a benefit for the client.

Case Study No. 2 – strengthening the core team

The successful pharmaceutical company consideried strengthening of the core team by more representatives. They decided first to test and evaluate all the benefits in only two regions, one in the Bohemia and one in Moravia region.

Pharmonia was asked to select two representatives and provide agency employment for next 6 months, which is a good time to evaluate the benefits or losses. Representatives were completely equipped (car, computer, phone).

Requirements for agency employee representative: university degree, pharmabusiness or FMCG experience.

Within 10 working days there have been introduced three candidates for each position to the responsible manager. Two of them were selected. We managed projected start, three weeks after Pharmonia was contacted.

The project was after 6 months considered as a successful and subsequently extended for one year for both new representatives. When the project finished, representatives were incorporated to the core team.


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