General recommendations for CV

Biography, Latin Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document which presents yourself to your potential employer. View and review what do your potential employer is requiring (this may be e.g. foreign language CV, cover letter,...).

Biography should stay:

  • brief
  • clear
  • accurate
  • transparent
  • sent in the correct format (MS Word is the most universal)
  • without the spelling errors

Formalities of CV:

  • Length of the resume should be a maximum of 2 pages. Other information can also be noted in the motivation letter, where you also briefly summarizes, why are you responding to a current position.
  • Biography append as attachement saved under your name without diacritics.
  • If you choose to attach your CV with your photo, select a good form. Certainly do not send private photos or sharing your holiday pictures.
  • Remember to which company and what position you are sending your resume.

CV content:

1. Personal information

  • Name, surname, title achieved
  • Your permanent, or temporary residence
  • Your current contact details – telephone numbers and e-mail address at which you can be reached

2. Education

  • Start with the highest educational attainment, even unfinished
  • Give exact dates (or years) of study

3. Work experience

  • Start with the last working experience (recommended in points because of the clarity )
  • Specify:

    • the exact dates (oryears and months) of the duration of the employment
    • the company name
    • the place of work
    • specify the title of position and the main responsibilities

  • If your work experience is extremely short, it should also be the reason for leaving (neutral and concise)
  • Practice in the study, or working abroad

4. Courses and training

  • Course name, date/year
  • Driving license – the group and an indication of whether you are active, or passive driver

5. Knowledge and skills

  • Language skills – indicate language and level, or the name of progress certificate or language courses abroad (in the event that at a given position requires knowledge of one of the languages, please indicate your current level, respectively).
  • PC knowledge – knowledge of various state programs and the level of expertise
  • Economic skills

6. References

  • We suggest putting it in on demand to your potential employer

A small hint at the end: Remember what you have written to your CV resume. It seems as the most untrusted and unprofessional thing, when you present something else during the interview.

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