Direct Search

Get top managers through direct search of selected candidates!

Executive Search or Direct Search is a method which is usually applied if the client wants to make sure that the project will be successfully finalized within a predefined timeframe and prefers an exclusive form of cooperation.
It is focusing deliberately on candidates not currently searching for a new position and consequently not responding to advertisements.
Direct Search ideally suited to finding candidates for senior, expert positions or positions with lack of suitable candidates on the market.

Five phases of Direct Search / Executive Search

The Pharmonia process of Direct Search consists of five phases. Each of these phases includes several steps aimed at finding, evaluating and attracting the interest of the “right person” for the position in question. During each phase we work closely with our client. Among our contacts the client remains anonymous and is identified only later in the process when the candidate is assessed successfully against the agreed specifications and is shortlisted.

1/ Initial phase

A specialized consultant, together with the client, discusses in detail the candidate profile and specific requirements of the position in order to bring out important information necessary for evaluating the candidates (e.g. organization structure, company culture, short- and long- term strategies, personality requirements…)

2/ Search phase

A systematic search within a group of target companies is undertaken in order to identify and contact all potential candidates for the given position. We also use our existing connections with potential candidates and our deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical and health care sector.

3/ Evaluation phase

The consultant assesses the candidate profile against the agreed specifications and recommends the most suitable candidates to the client.

4/ Presentation phase

In this stage of the Executive Search process, the consultant plays an important role as an advisor to the client and the candidate. He is present and assists in all meetings.

5/ Follow up

During the entire project we keep the client regularly informed. After the employment of a successful candidate, we follow up his or her performance with both the client and the successful candidate to settle any and all possible problems.


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