How the selection is made

After receiving your cover letter and CV we carefully compare your profile with current expectations. We always respond.

Your profile data are compared with the requirements of the position and also biographies of other candidates. When your experience and skills match the the position profile, we will contact you within 14 days. If other candidates are better adapted to the requirements of the position of hits, we would keep your documents for a period of 6 months for a possible further another round of interviews. Your materials are considered as confidential, and hence we treat them.

If you match the profile we will contact you by phone and invite you to a personal interview. Interviews can be held in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. The meeting takes an hour to an hour and a half, an experienced consultant would have an open conversation about your experience, your motivation and expectations. A part of the interview is a practical situation by focusing on the type of search positions.

At the end of this interview you will receive feedback and recommendation regardingopen positions, which correspond to our overall offer. The consultant also provides position details and advice. Your materials, along with our evaluation are sent to the client by mutual consent. Once the client is interested to meet in person, we immediately inform you and find the best term  to realize the meeting. We are your advisor during the entire (usually multiround) process.

If you do not succeed, we will pass your feedback (unless we have not received it despite our efforts) from the client and your material is retained in the database for other suitable positions with which you will match.

We help you succeed and find the most suitable prospective employer and position, which matches your interest, motivation and expectations.


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